Bitcoin Price To Hit $10 Million In 10-20 Years: Expert

In an in-depth analysis shared on the social media platform X, Fred Krueger, a renowned crypto analyst and the former founder and chairman of Traffic Marketplace, delivered a staggering forecast on the future trajectory of Bitcoin. Krueger’s bold prediction posits that BTC’s price could eclipse the $10 million mark within the next 10-20 years.

Why Bitcoin Price Could Reach $10 Million In 2 Decades

Krueger’s projections are rooted in a detailed examination of adoption trends, technological advancements, and a comparison with the growth trajectories of major technological innovations and social media platforms. His analysis begins with a retrospective question posed by Tom Lee in 2019 about the actual number of crypto owners, which was then estimated to hover around 500,000.

This figure was partly derived from the following on “crypto Twitter,” where having 100,000 followers might denote influencer status within the BTC community. Krueger points out a stark contrast in the metrics of influence when compared to mainstream social media giants.

“You really need 10 Million followers to be a star on Instagram versus a 100K to be a star on Bitcoin Twitter,” he highlights, using this disparity to underline the nascent state of BTC’s current adoption when juxtaposed with global social media phenomena.

Krueger’s insights extend beyond mere follower counts, venturing into the realm of adoption percentages and the potential growth trajectory for Bitcoin. He shared, “Allowing for growth since 2019, I’ll put that number at 2 Million today. But as with all tech, once adoption really starts, it reaches MUCH higher percentages.”

His reflections on competing with Facebook in 2006 with his company, Tagworld, provide a historical lens through which to view Bitcoin’s potential. “Now 3 Billion people use social media,” he stated, drawing a parallel to suggest that a similar explosion in user base could be on the horizon for Bitcoin. Krueger boldly estimated, “I would guess, in 20 years 2 Billion people will use Bitcoin,” suggesting a 1000x increase in adoption.

The Path To 2 Billion Users

The cornerstone of Krueger’s argument lies in the fixed supply of BTC and its implications for price as adoption scales. “If the price is $48,000 with 2 Million users, and the supply is fixed, imagine where we will get to with 2 Billion users,” he elaborates, providing a clear rationale for his prediction.

Addressing potential skepticism and the competitive landscape of cryptocurrencies, Krueger remains unwavering in his belief in BTC’s supremacy. “So, Bitcoin has an immediate goal of 1 Million which is parity+ to gold, and we get there this cycle. And then with adoption, we get to the crazy numbers. All you need to do is buy it and NOT sell it,” Krueger asserts, emphasizing Bitcoin’s unique value proposition and its fixed supply as key differentiators that will drive its unparalleled adoption and value increase compared to other digital assets.

Furthermore, Krueger delves into the mechanisms that could accelerate Bitcoin’s journey towards widespread adoption. He points to the pivotal role of financial instruments like spot ETFs in democratizing access to BTC for millions of American investors.

“The ETF is going to be a big first phase in adoption. Getting a significant percentage of those to own a Bitcoin ETF in the next 5 years is not that difficult,” Krueger predicts, underscoring the ETF’s potential to bridge the gap between traditional finance and Bitcoin for mainstream investors.

Though, technological advancements, particularly in enhancing Bitcoin’s scalability and usability through Layer 2 solutions and trustless wrapped BTC, are highlighted as critical enablers of a much bigger wave of adoption. Krueger argues for the necessity of consumer-grade applications that can facilitate BTC’s transition into mass-market use cases.

“We need consumer-grade apps to broaden Bitcoin to mass-market use cases. This is what EVENTUALLY makes Bitcoin win,” he points out, signaling his confidence in the technological evolution that will underpin the cryptocurrency’s ascent.

Overall, Fred Krueger’s analysis offers a compelling narrative on Bitcoin’s potential trajectory, blending historical parallels, economic principles, and technological advancements. His prediction of BTC reaching $10 million in the next 10 to 20 years is not merely an optimistic forecast but a detailed vision grounded in a deep understanding of market dynamics.

At press time, BTC traded at $48,051.

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