Zcash Developers Update 3-26-2021





Here are your weekly Zcash updates:

  • ECC is hiring. Check out our career page to learn more about these openings: Developer Relations Lead, Senior DevOps Engineer, Head of Regulatory Relations, and Digital Marketing.
  • Have you heard about Unified Addresses? ECC is collecting feedback on a proposed upgrade to improve the UX for Zcash transactions moving forward. Check out this Github issue for more details.
  • Travala now supports Zcash. Book your summer travel with ZEC today.
  • ICYMI – here’s a recording from Zooko’s presentation at Priv8 Summit this week.

Mark your calendars –

  • 3/30 – This month’s Zeal call features Yan Zhu from Brave and Jay Graber from Happening.net. We’re trying something new this month – Zeal calls will be livestreamed. Subscribe to ECC’s youtube channel to get the latest alerts.
  • 4/27 and 5/25 – We have great speakers lined up for the next two Zeal calls: Ashkan Soltani, Robin Berjon will discuss Global Privacy Control in April and Julia Angwin will discuss journalism holding big tech accountable in May. Read more here.


  • Completed CentOS 7 build for Bithumb
  • M1 Mac setup and troubleshooting builds for iOS LightClientKit
  • 50% through github data export for some Tekton vs BuildBot comparison data
  • Testnet Faucet rewrite initial requirements written, to be pared down for practical delivery time
  • Transaction metric delivered for wallet team

Core Team

  • Published 0.5 release of the Rust crates which includes Data Access API, ZIP 302 memos, and significant improvements to trial decryption
  • Merged a large part of the initial Orchard implementation
  • Transaction builder is nearly complete aside from proof creation
  • Draft ZIP 302, Standardized Memo Field Format merged
  • Fixed two bugs related to creating transactions with no change outputs
  • Unified Address requirements and scoping work
  • NCC specification audit interim readout on the 22nd with a follow on this afternoon


  • Level of Effort estimation for security input for Unified Addresses


  • Max Amount/Full Note spend bug identified, squashed (huge thanks to core for the support), now working on an easy recovery strategy for affected users.
  • More in depth iOS logging deployed on team release
  • Team testnet build for Android to flatten in flight feature development and bug fixes
  • UA contributions and effort estimations

In the news, EFF and internet advocates call on ISPs to commit to protect basic user privacy. A Visa study shows that 25% of credit card users in LATAM want to experiment with cryptocurrencies. That’s all for now folks!

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